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Obama and Planned Parenthood: Killers Together
October 30, 2008

The group Students for Life of America, have released this undercover look at the practices of Planned Parenthood in its Freehold, New Jersey facility.  In it, a young woman in her 22nd week of pregnancy, is "counseled" by a PP "nurse" about the procedure.  The PP worker then admits to the girl, who wants to know if it is possible for the baby to be born alive, that it is possible.  She assures her, however, the it can't survive on its own, and would soon die.

The video also contrasts PP's practice of partial-birth abortion infanticide with Obama's late-'90s opposition to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act when an Illinois state Senator, and his pledge to stand four-square with Planned Parenthood.

To characterize Obama and the people at Planned Parenthood as "pigs" seems just so overly charitable.  How about: Inhuman?


John Murtha Essential Six-Pack Flashback: The Abscam Tapes 
October 21, 2008  (Flashback:  January 7, 1980)

John Murtha:  January 1, 1980 - History in the making . . .

FBI Abscam "Sting" Video of Special Agent Anthony Amoroso Jr Meeting with U.S. Rep. John Murtha (D-PA; Johnstown), Mel Weinburg (the "sting" man) and Howard Criden (a Philadelphia attorney) - in which Murtha states that he isn't interested in the $50,000 bribe offered in exchange for his legislative efforts to get two Saudi men admitted to the U.S., "at this time."

Murtha, however, was willing to go along with the scheme, in exchange for Arab investments in businesses in Murtha's district.  But, if their relationship worked out, Murtha clearly indicated, he would be interested in money for himself at a later date.  Through the totality of the meeting, it is clear that Murtha is thoroughly engaged in the scheme, knows and discusses what is going on, and the overall exchange of bribes for legislative/official activity on the part of all involved.

Murtha, one of Congresses most thoroughly corrupt politicos, barely escaped sanctions from the House ethics committee, though six other members of Congress were given the heave ho, prosecuted and convicted.  (Join us then in reliving those carefree days, much earlier in the Swine from Johnstown's career, in the following six-part hour-long video of what this creep is really made of . . .)


John Murtha: Those Dern Gun-Toating, Bible-Thumping, Racist Rednecks 
October 21, 2008

John Murtha:  On his racist constituency:

After taking a minor drubbing (after all, the msm doesn't give a darn) for characterizing all of Western Pennsylvania as a bunch of racist, redneck boobs, who wouldn't spit on a black man if he were on fire . . .

Jack (I-didn't-take-the-$50,000-but-I-could've) Murtha wants us to know that all of Western Pennsylvania is not racist . . .

Just a whole bunch of them . . .

(WTAE-TV Channel 4, October 21, 2008)


Barney Frank: Soaking the Rich 
October 21, 2008

Barney Frank:  On the Democrat plan for the economy:

An immediate increase in spending. . .  Deficit fear has to take a second seat. . .

There are a lot of very rich people out there whom we can tax. . . and recover some of this money. . .

(CNBC, October 21, 2008)

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